Effigy of Obama Lynched

By Wallace Q. Weaver
Nope, this is not in the Middle East or even in another country. This has happened on our own soil in Florida. Pastor Terry Jones either really loves the lime light or really hates Obama, gay people, Muslims, black people, and anyone else who doesn’t fit into his ideal congregation. Either way, this recent event is so disgusting I can hardly believe my eyes.

A few media cycles back, Jones was threatening to burn Korans. Now, he sees it fit to host a good ol’ fashion lynching, the very thought of which literally turns my stomach. Of course, the pastor did not call it a lynching, but a protest; arguing that President Obama is killing America. To graphically display his protest he erects a scene of Uncle Sam lynching President Obama with a, presumably aborted, baby in one hand, and a gay flag in the other. When asked to explain his opposition to the President, Jones claims:

“That is why we have now chosen the hanging of Hussein Obama to represent how the American people must, in a peaceful way, stand up and reject President Obama and reject his anti-American policies. It is time for us to stand up. It is time, again, for America to become America.”

What ever happened to the basic respect we had for our President, the symbol of America leadership and patriotism? When did we lose our common decency? In a way, I feel wrong for writing this story and giving him the infamy Jones clearly feeds off of, but we as Americas cannot let this idly go by. Frankly, if this isn’t something that can energize the Black community to support this President, I don’t know what will. People like Terry Jones want to take our people back 200 years. We don’t even have to go back 75 years to go back to the days of lynching. They, these radical fringe racist, want to lynch this “negro.” We need to band together. We, as the Black community, know how to protest and when we do, it’s for the good of the whole country, promoting the general welfare, as our Constitution reads. Maybe it’s time for us to get back to the basics and show people like Terry Jones what true patriotism, citizenship, and peaceful demonstration is really about.

About Wallace Q. Weaver

Wallace is a highly motivated and very opinionated young man from Philadelphia, PA. Currently pursuing his undergrad from Seton Hall University, Weaver hopes to graduate with a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations before entering law school. ”When I’m dead and gone, my only wish is that when people talk about me they say that I worked hard and tirelessly for our community and our nation. “His ambitions are to make America a better place, in whatever minimal way he can, and believes that this starts with raising consciousness.

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