Chris Rock compares Obama to a Zebra

Chris Rock stopped by the ‘Today’ show to promote his latest animated movie, Madagascar 3 and he didn’t miss the opportunity to throw in Some  funny thoughts about President Obama.

“I wanted to be the lion, you know, king of the jungle and all that, but that didn’t work out,” he says. “Snake is always good. You know, scare people. Ssss. But I’ll take the zebra.”

He continued, “In honor of our zebra president. Black and white, white and black. … I love our president, but he’s black and white. He appeals to all. And that’s what I am going for.”

Chris Rock contends that we ignore President Obama’s “white-ness”  even though he is of both races, black and white.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted  will be in theaters as of today, June 8.


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