Parents Charged with Murder of their Daughter’s Alleged Pimp

A San Francisco couple is accused of taking drastic measures to rescue their 17 year old daughter from a life of prostitution. Barry Gilton and his girlfriend, Lupe Mercado are accused of killing 22 year old Calvin Sneed who they believed was their daughter’s pimp.

According to LATimes, Gilton and his girlfriend had tried to convince their teenage daughter to come home and had even asked the local police for their help. The couple had even reported the teenager as missing.

The couple reportedly made two attempts at killing Sneed and allegedly killed him on the second attempt.

Gilton and Mercado are scheduled to be arraigned on June 20 and are each being held on $2-million bail. Each faces one count of murder, one count of discharging a firearm into an occupied motor vehicle and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. Because of a 1995 drug-related conviction, Gilton also faces a a felony charge of possessing a firearm.

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