Brian McKnight’s Latest X-Rated Song Banned from YouTube

Brian McKnight’s latest sexually explicit song, recorded for the online porn site, has been pulled from YouTube due to “inappropriate content.”

The R&B singer also wrote a track, in April, titled, “If You’re Ready to Learn,” which spoke to women who were left unsatisfied in the bedroom by selfish lovers.

McKnight’s latest song debuted on May 28 and was accompanied by a video featuring girls in bikinis, but the clip was deemed too explicit for YouTube and banned. YouPorn executives posted a different version of the video minus the scantily-clad women in a bid to get around the ban, but that promo was also removed from YouTube.

YouPorn rep Corey Price tells TMZ:

“I can’t believe with all of the crazy content that is posted to YouTube on a daily basis that this video of all things is being pulled repeatedly! Apparently you can show videos of bomb making and people killing kittens, but a bunch of hot girls dancing around in bikinis is outlawed.”

McKnight claims his new racy tunes are not an indication of his new musical direction and that it was all part of a prank. Some reckon it was just a desperate attempt at getting attention and by the looks of things, he got it. What remains to be seen is how the attention he is getting will affect his music career in the long run.

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