Black Couples Affected by Prostate Cancer have Unmet Psychosocial Needs

Researchers have found that Black men who have prostate cancer have higher mortality rates. The study links the survival rates to factors such as social and family relationships as well as unmet psychosocial needs.

The men who participated in the study appeared to have limited conversations with their spouses and other family members as compared to other groups. The cancer survivors dealt with a lot of fears and their family members felt that they did not have enough information.

According to the researchers, the difference in prostate cancer survivorship and quality of life outcomes for African-American men and their families as compared to other groups is likely due to a number of factors and their combination:
• Stage of cancer at diagnosis
• Tumor biology
• Insurance coverage
• Lack of prostate cancer knowledge
• Mistrust, fear and lack of culturally appropriate interventions
• Inadequate communication between patient and health care provider


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