School tries to fire teacher accused of sexual misconduct for 3 years

A female teacher at a high school in Rochester, NY is alleged to have asked a classroom full of 8th graders to remove their shirts. One student shares that even while she did what she was told, she thought it was “un-normal”. The same teacher is also accused of, among other things, inappropriately touching other female workers and sending sexually suggestive cards and e-mails.

In spite of all these allegations against Valerie Yarn, she is still working at the school and has yet to be fired. The school board has allegedly refused to comment because Valerie Yarn is still under investigation. The school is reported to have been trying to fire her for the past three years.

Valerie Yarn, who is a tenured teacher, is still in the process of  a court case. It is reportedly next to impossible to fire teachers once they have been tenured. The teacher’s union is reported to protect teachers to the extent that teachers who should be fired remain employed.


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