Rush Limbaugh: Minorities want Payback

By Wallace Q. Weaver

According to the last census, over half of the babies born last year were racial minorities. That was just enough to light a fire under conservative media’s vanguard, Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh’s latest gaff started after CNN reported a story about the noteworthy census report. Rush took this report as an attack against conservatives everywhere; claiming that the minorities are coming… and they’re hungry- for revenge.

During one of his talk radio shows, Limbaugh stated, “It is clear that this and other articles like this are a warning to republicans and conservatives; and this warning is that ‘you are on the wrong side of history… you better do what the minority wants right now or suffer the consequences.’ This is an implied threat!” Ultimatums and payback? This is what you think minorities are about, Rush? CNN contributor Ruben Narrabeth put it this way: “We as minorities don’t want payback; we just want a seat at the table.”

I guess that’s why it’s called conservatism, but I truly do not understand what it is about conservatives that make them so resistant to change. When I listen to the inspiring word of Civil Rights champions like Congressman Lewis or Martin Luther King, I have not once heard any mention of payback (barring a couple radical voices from the Civil Rights more militant wing). Our first minority President didn’t win by rallying minorities to bring the swift sword of just recompense to the racial majority. In fact, he said, “we are not a White- America and Black-America. We are not a collection of red states and blue states; we are the United States of America!”

This kind of rhetoric by Limbaugh and the like is simply fear mongering. It is an attempt to galvanize the republican base, while alienating any minority republicans of course, to get out and vote republican in order to keep the racial majority in power lest the minority come in and flip the script. Couple that with instances like the Pennsylvania republican backed law requiring all voters to have a state ID; basically an attempt to suppress potential democratic votes. This all seems far too familiar to me. Remember things like the grandfather-clause, or the “Black Codes” of the Re-constructionist Era? Or what about the fear politics of the Jim Crowe South?

These fear tactics need to stop! No one wants payback. We are too busy pursuing fruitful endeavors like equal opportunity, a fair education system, I don’t know-maybe an end to cyclical impoverishment, than to think about getting payback. We need to tell Rush Limbaugh to get a grip. The only thing he needs to fear is losing his job due to all the heated rhetoric he’s been spewing the last couple months!

About Wallace Q. Weaver

Wallace is a highly motivated and very opinionated young man from Philadelphia, PA. Currently pursuing his undergrad from Seton Hall University, Weaver hopes to graduate with a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations before entering law school. ”When I’m dead and gone, my only wish is that when people talk about me they say that I worked hard and tirelessly for our community and our nation. “His ambitions are to make America a better place, in whatever minimal way he can, and believes that this starts with raising consciousness.

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