First there was Planking, but now there’s Trayvoning

By Wallace Q. Weaver

This is simply outrageous! Once again the youth of America has started another nationally trending fad, but this one is just disgusting. Kids from around the country are “Trayvoning”; that is, posing as a corpse on the floor dressed in a hoodie with a bottle of Arizona ice tea and some skittles, often accompanied with a “witty” comment along the bottom of the picture. When I first heard of this new trend, I immediately saw its potential to be a bold socio-political statement, but sadly, it appears to be nothing more than a strongly distasteful joke.

Seriously, where does one come up with this stuff? I know Trayvon and anyone else who has been wrongfully killed for the sake of bigotry and prejudice is turning over in their grave. I can hardly contain myself from making this post just an angry rant but I will try my best to take a lesson from this egregious ignorance.

The popular maxim goes, “You have to love yourself before you can expect others to love you.” How can we expect anyone to take our plight seriously if we mock the death of our own people? There is nothing funny about this trend. Should we start “Emmitt Till-ing?” Would it be funny to pour ketchup on our face, lie on a balcony and do the “MLK?” C’mon young world, we’re better than this! We have shown that our power and influence over media, especially the internet, is second to none. We need to start using our media prowess for good! Let’s start trending things that will advance us as a people, not take us backwards.


About Wallace Q. Weaver

Wallace is a highly motivated and very opinionated young man from Philadelphia, PA. Currently pursuing his undergrad from Seton Hall University, Weaver hopes to graduate with a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations before entering law school. ”When I’m dead and gone, my only wish is that when people talk about me they say that I worked hard and tirelessly for our community and our nation. “His ambitions are to make America a better place, in whatever minimal way he can, and believes that this starts with raising consciousness.

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