Should Mothers Let Their Sons Play Football?

The chorus of concussion concerns is growing with big names in the lead. Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner has labeled the notion of his two school-age sons playing football a “scary thing” and says he’d prefer they didn’t. Now, the father of three-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady is expressing reservations about how he’d handle it if his son were just starting out.

Meanwhile, registration is underway for the coming season of youth football across the USA. Parents face the question: Do you let your kids play?

More than 2,000 former players are suing the NFL alleging they weren’t warned about long-term risks of concussions. The NFL has cracked down on bounties —cash for knocking out foes. And Junior Seau’s death has raised questions about whether he suffered from years of head hits.

Tom Brady Sr., who held his son out of football until he was 14, told Yahoo Sports he’d be “very hesitant” these days in deciding if his son would play.


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