Community Saddened by Sudden Death of Son of Father Michael Pfleger

by YBW Staff

Father Michael Pfleger is a legend in the city of Chicago.  As the head of the St. Sabina Church in Chicago, Father Pfleger has spent decades fighting against gun violence and exploitation of the African American community.  He is loved by his parishioners and feared by the enemies of progress.  Pfleger has also stood up to racism on Fox News and been hailed as one of the great religious and civil rights figures of his generation.

This week, Father Pfleger’s son, Beronti, suddenly collapsed and died in Florida.  Beronti is one of many adopted sons in Pfleger’s family.  Father Pfleger issued this statement on his Facebook page about his son’s passing:

I want to thank all my friends, members, FB Family and strangers who have called, text, emailed etc with love support and prayers. This is my second Son to be lost. One from Gun Violence and now Beronti with the cause unknown. Only 32, when we talked on Wed he was so happy and so exited about his future… My trust is in God who can give us Peace until understanding comes and even if it Don’t. He’s still God. And I praise Him in the Storm! Parents let your kids know you love them, and Brothers and Sisters while we’re still trying to fix a Violent and Broken World, let’s LOVE each other along the way. Tomorrow ain’t Promised….

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