Uh, OK: Dwight Howard Denies Getting His Coach Fired

Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic is denying that he had anything to do with the firing of Stan Van Gundy, his former coach.

“I hate to see anyone lose their job,” Howard said to TMZ.

Howard is rehabbing from back surgery in Los Angeles. He and Van Gundy have had a notorious feud going back several years.  Howard has openly questioned Van Gundy’s coaching philosophy as the team has had a difficult time reaching its potential.

“Me and Stan … we had our ups a

nd downs … but for the most part we had one goal … to win a championship in Orlando, but we fell short.”

Howard continued to clarify his position and prove that he did nothing to get Van Gundy fired.

“I’m glad [Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins] confirmed I had nothing to do with it.”

Howard was nervous about an interview that he did on ESPN that is set to air this week.  He said that the content of the interview is “old and inaccurate,” further fueling speculation that he did use soft power to get Van Gundy ousted.

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